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Feedback from Our Customers

These are some of the comments we received from our customers.
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Written by: Steve K 2017-12-03

Hey guys, just recently bought a suppressor from you, 5/8x24 non mag center fire over barrel design, fitted it to an AR10 chambered in 243 Win, first shots through it yesterday, wow, excellent, nice and quiet but just as important was the almost complete lack of gas exiting back through the receiver into my face, which is a very common complaint with suppressed semi autos, very impressed.
Happy I chose to go with your design for this rifle, keep up the good work :-)

Written by: Tristan Corbett 2017-07-03

Really helpful, quickly turned the job around ( 2 days) so I could pick the rifle up on my way back through Hamilton. Great service, great product.

Written by: Cam Kendrick 2017-06-27

awesome quick service, chassis system is awesome solid well made easily adjustable. would love light weight replacement butt stock and fore end options for hunting,(bolt normal ones on for target/ varmint ten switch to light weight for hunting in the hills would be the ultimate do it all rig) no complaints though such a well made chassis!

Written by: Richard Morton 2017-04-25

Just had Tikka T3x Superlite .308 shortened to 16" with over barrel suppressor. Have added 2 modules. First one being the stainless blast unit due to short barrel. Excellent job and service. Balance is good. Job done via H&F. Also have the same unit on my .270. Excellent product and service. Thanks Darren.

Written by: S Bruce. Hamilton 2016-08-15

I had the guys at DPT profile and flute a 223 barrel top workmanship and a good turnaround thanks.

Written by: vic hughes 2016-04-27

i'm normally an anti gadget man but my daughter got my rifle fitted with a over barrel suppressor should have done this years ago works real good thanks

Written by: jason manukau 2016-04-08

A big thanks to Darren & team for a great product which came recommended from word of mouth, which I was told of the good review's regards weight noise etc. the over-barell suppressor for my 308, I feel is a fair price, and will no doubt improve my overall grouping. H I G H L Y recommended !!!

Written by: Ryan Meynell 2016-04-06

This is one of the best and easiest websites I have ordered from in a long time! Great detail and explanation on each step.

Written by: Jason Read 2016-03-20

Very pleased with my DPT modular over barrel suppressor in .270-7mm. I have previously owned MAE and Gunworks suppressors. DPT is used on .270 and I am certain it is the quietest I have used. By far the lightest and easy to clean. Highly recommend a DPT suppressor.

Written by: Tim 2016-01-23

Brought a 7mm rem mag and tried cutting corners on the suppressor getting a cheap and nasty hushpower suppressor. Got a refund as it was not doing its job, and went for the Dpt magnum suppressor. This has made my Tikka t3 a dream to shoot giving me a better sound reduction and excellent recoil reduction. So stoked with the improvement, would recommend to anyone.

Written by: Matt 2015-12-04

The turn around time was very impressive. It was actually quicker for me to send the barrel to Darren and get him to fit the suppressor than it was for me to order the suppressor then take it to my own gunsmith. The barrel was nicely crowned. I think most of all there were two things that struck me. The first is that the suppressor is incredibly quiet (aside from the normal supersonic crack, the boom is gone). The second thing is the light weight of the over barrel can. Time to put this thing to use now. Ruger Mini 30 (7.62x39).

Written by: Matthew 2015-11-18

Purchased a DPT Magnum with an extra 2 baffles for my Sako 85 .270.
Finishing exceptionally good.
It has drastically reduced felt recoil and is very effective as a suppressor. During test firing the animals in the surrounding paddocks did not react to the shots.
My only complaint is that I didn't purchase one earlier.
Looking forward to putting some rounds through it.
Thanks very much.

Written by: Tim (pengy) 2015-09-28

just thought you might like to see this

Your excellent reputation is far spread. Was good to meet you guys at Kinloch on Saturday.

Written by: Michael 2015-09-19

Had my tikka 308 trimmed to 18 inchs and an overbarrel fitted, noise and recoil reduction is amazing, safe to shoot with no hearing protection and really takes the 'boom' out of the shot. Well worth the money and super fast service from Darren and his team, had the rifle back to me within half an hour.

Written by: Rob Stewart 2015-09-02

I currently have 5 of your supressors can't beat them. Super light. Very competitive pricing and for me the best part is you can add more baffles for quitness. Suites me I've industrial deafness. Wouldn't use anything else

Written by: Brendon Pugh 2015-05-06

Have fitted an over barrel to my Howa lite 7mm08. Very happy with results so far. Has reduced the recoil considerably and made the rifle nicer for my son to shoot. Nice sound in the field with several deer taken looking at why his mate has suddenly had a lie down. A good hunting mate has just had an over barrel fitted to his Tika 308 after seeing my DPT in action and my young fella has just scored his new Tika 223 and we are ordering a new over barrel for him today.

Written by: Jean 2014-12-01

Hi Darren

Just wanted to commemorate you on developing the quietest suppressor I have ever shot with or hear. Your light weight modular suppressor on my .308Win is the only suppressor I have ever hear that is safe to fire without any ear protection on and no high pitch noise that causes ringing ears. I have shot Hardy suppressors, Gunworks suppressors, MAE suppressors, and a few more custom made suppressors, and nothing has managed to have the same level of suppression as your 192gr Modular Suppressor.

I have had no shift in POI with the suppressor on and off and it is the only suppressor that has managed to do that and keep my grouping as tight as if the suppressor wasn't on the barrel.

I will definitely be recommending your products to my mates and other people!!

Written by: Andrew N 2014-11-26

Bought a 30 cal sup year ago, couple hundred rounds of 300AAC through it, only cleaned once, no excessive wear on first baffle, and so quiet.
Quality surface finish, light weight, and struggle to find same quality/performance suppressor with similar price.
Will definitely purchase more for other calibers.
Thanks DPT

Written by: Gareth 2014-11-06

Bloody brilliant! Quiet, lite and overall exactly what I wanted

Written by: lewis (Lou) Hogan 2014-09-21

I Have a Centerfire duralium muzzle forward modular and find its great that my ears don't ring anymore as cuts the noise down that its hard to believe same Gun! Other thing is have a 233cal & 30cal which is same tread on barrels so use same back end & just swap over Baffles for Cal that I'm using! couldn't ask for a easier system to use for different Cal Guns! Nice to have such a light weight of modular on end of Gun! Cheers and look forward to getting another one of you for my 44 Mag soon!

Written by: graeme houlahan 2014-08-24

Thanks for the great suppressor, got mine from Wanganui Hunting and Fishing, great service and a great product, got 4 deer last night, impressed with noise reduction and recoil on my 270, thanks Darren and team

Written by: RG 2014-08-22

Hi, I really like what you've done with your suppressors, not just because they can be made shorter or longer with great ease, but also because they can be readily taken apart for maintenance. This modular nature leads to two possible opportunities that your competitors couldn't match, and I would really like to see added to your product range.

1. Muzzle-brake module. Sure, that hot gas will be cooled and slowed compared to an unsuppressed gun, but it still has to come out somewhere...and that somewhere is the front end of the suppressor. A muzzle brake is something normally considered an alternative rather than a combination with a suppressor, but Barrett have done it and for good reason ( This could be especially useful to take even more of the pain out of shooting beefier calibres with your suppressors. And the best thing: make it a simple screw-on module just like the extra baffles! If you could do that for a reasonable price, preferably less ugly than the Barret one (!), I think that would make a truly valuable addition to your product line that couldn't be mimicked by your many competitors.

2. On your Trade Me auctions it says "not designed for rapid fire as the heat and sand
blasting effect will wear them out at a faster rate". I have to say that is very off-putting and would make me look at tougher options for any semi like the 300 BLK AR-15 I'm planning on building. Is there any way you could use the modular nature to fix this toughness problem? For example, is there some sort of semi-disposable strong liner (like stainless) that could be fitted into each baffle module as an optional extra? If so, it could be removed, cleaned and/or replaced easily so that the shooter doesn't have to worry about wearing out their expensive baffles.

I'm keen to hear your thoughts and any plans regarding these suggestions.

DPT Machinists Reply:
Thanks for your feedback.

#1 That can be done but it has little effect on recoil reduction and just makes it louder for the shooter.

#2 I know it doesn't sound too flash but its best to be up front about it rather than have someone jump up and down after their first baffle has warn out after a couple thousand rounds. DPT suppressor is no different than any other aluminum suppressor just you can pull the DPT apart and see whats going on inside where others you cant. it can be done by using a stainless steel baffle as the blast baffle but the negative side of that is the extra weight. In the not to distant future we will have a semi capable suppressor so keep an eye out.

Written by: Andre 2014-07-29

Incredible little Can!!

Thought I would give them a go based on the Modular Ability to become smaller and lighter when doing long walks.
The first thing you notice is how nice the machining is on the finish. Everything locks together tight and screws in with just enough tension to give a reassuringly solid feel.

This can is light but it's really quiet... Can't beat this product and at the price it's silly good!

I have had a few Suppressors and this one is just as quiet if not quieter than the others costing $2-300 more.

Customer service is top class too.

About to order one for the .260 in over barrel.

Written by: Mike Bennett 2014-04-23

Just fitted suppressor to my tikka 6.5x55.
3 shots at 25mtr then another 3 at 100mtr to hit the bulls eye.First hunt 2 deer,shot one and the other deer just stood looking at his mate on the ground.Has taken some of the recoil out and noise is about half.So all in all TOP JOB...DPT

Written by: Karl Menzel 2014-04-03

I recently bought one of the modular centrefire rifle suppressors and have to say that I'm extremely happy with it. The unit weighs next to nothing and it's performance is excellent. Being able to clean the crud out of the baffles is another advantage. Looks like I'll be ordering another one soon for my 300 Blackout!
Cheers Darren

Written by: Grant MacDonald 2014-03-18

Excellent fast turn around, great work, and fantastic to deal with. Thanks.

Written by: b carston 2014-03-16

Great suppressor. Cut down my tikka 7mm08 and fitted. Short light and shoots better than ever.

Written by: James 2014-02-02

Have a 25cal DPT modular over barrel on my 243AI. It is the best suppressor I have owned and compared to other brand I still think it is the #1 suppressor in NZ. Great finish, light, competitive pricing with the modular baffles being a brilliant idea. DPT are also easy to deal with.

Written by: alex 2014-01-17

I have recently had a modular over barrel suppressor fitted to my .270 . Very good and fast service . suppressor is more quiet than a gun works suppressor i would recommend these suppressors to anyone they are a good product at a very good price.

Written by: Gary Hunn 2013-09-18

I have recently purchased the .223 modular forward can.I am very happy with it.The suppression is easily as good as the 300gm overbarrel suppressor I was using.
The modular is a very neat,lightweight&well made unit.

Written by: Johno 2013-08-06

Darren supplied a modular suppressor for my 7mm08 at short notice. He had it all done by the time I ate a burger down town. I am more than happy with the quality and sound reduction of the can. Being modular and very light gives me options for a light & fast trip vrs a sneaky bush stalk. 10 out of 10 mate

Written by: Bill 2013-07-11

Awesome can (223 modular)
really takes the bark out of the 12 inch ar15 and makes it a plesure to shoot, as well as bieng light as a feather

Written by: Vanman 2013-06-21

I bit the bullet (no pun intended) and ordered a .22 suppressor. It arrived the next day, which is fantastic service, and it is a beautiful piece of engineering. So well made, I'm rally glad I bought one.

I can't wait to get it out in the field. It'll be a pretty good test up against a Bunny Buster Black Mamba and an original old-school steel Parker Hale. I'll report back on the results.

Thanks Darren




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